Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolSwip?

CoolSwip is the most advanced sweepstakes network platform. We help users and companies to create online giveaway competitions in a fun, organized and transparent way.

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How to participate?

There are 2 types of competition in which you can participate:

1- Tickets Competitions: To participate you need to get tickets. You get the tickets for free when you buy products from the companies that create the competitions or by following the competitions rules.

2 - Social Network Competitions: To participate you will be asked to perform some actions such as: Follow the Facebook account of the creator of the competition, visit a website, give your opinion about something, etc. Each action will give you a number of free participation tickets and will be added to your account automatically.

To participate in any competition you just have to select a competition by clicking on PARTICIPATE button, create a free account and PARTICIPATE NOW!.

How is the winner chosen?

Each game will have an Initial Random Competition Number that you can see when you click the picture of a competition. 

Once all competition’s tickets are finished or the competition’s time ends, the total number of entries tickets will be published in the Winners Link.

Also it will be published that in 1 hour, from the end of the competition, the number of lightning strikes in the world in a 5 minutes period will be obtained from

For example, if the competition ends on August 23, 2018 at 10:00 (UTC), it will be announced that  "The Lightning Strikes Number of 5 minute period will be chosen on August 23, 2018 at 11:00 (UTC)"

At that time, the total number of lightning strikes for the last five minute period will be obtained from is a worldwide, real time lightning location network, that connects hundreds of lightning sensors around the world to track lightning strikes within seconds of their striking the surface of the earth.

The Initial Random Competition Number, plus The total number of lightning strikes in the world for that five minute period and the maximum number of participating tickets will be used in our Verification of the Winner Ticket website

That information seed is processed in the Mersenne Twister Algorithm, which is known as the most reliable randomized algorithm in the world and it is by far the most widely used general-purpose PRNG.

The resulting number generated by the algorithm will be THE WINNER TICKET.

What is the Mersenne Twister algorithm?

The Mersenne Twister algorithm is a pseudorandom number generator. This means that it will generate a random number but it takes an initial "seed" value to compute the random number. This means that any time you use the same seed to run the algorithm it will always generate the same result. This is very important because it means that you can verify the winning number on your own by taking the Initial Random Competition Number generated at the beginning of the game, plus the number of lightning strikes of the 5 minutes period, plus the total number of participating tickets and run the winning seed through the algorithm yourself.

If you want to test this out for yourself, visit our “Verification of the Winner Ticket website” and use the information of any competition found in the Winners link and you'll always get the same result.

For example, if the Initial Random Competition Number is “0123456789” and the total number of lightning strikes for the chosen five minutes period is "1500" and the total number of participating tickets is “100”, The resulting number generated by the algorithm will always be 73.

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